At dea creative, we love what we do. And so we observe, research, and brainstorm in order to create the most seamless brand designs—with the goal of helping the client grow. We believe a company’s aesthetic value and brand image are key factors in increasing competitive edge—especially in today’s cutthroat environment. For this reason, consistently working to strengthen your brand’s visual appeal is crucial. Whether it be for product promotion or visual planning, we strive to construct a clear and cohesive brand personality. It’s worth noting that we value every stage of the collaborative process. Brand design and visual creativity bring synergy—which we deliver with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Work with us to experience this for yourself.

We love what we do. We observe, research, and brainstorm, in order to create the most ideal designs and help the clients to grow. We believe that the aesthetic value and brand image is one of the key factors affecting competitiveness. Especially in such a competitive environment, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the overall visual quality of the brand. Whether it is for product promotion or brand visual planning, we strive to construct a clear brand personality, thereby enhancing market competitiveness. We cherish every stage of the cooperation process with our clients. We believe that brand design and visual creativity can bring synergy to the company, and we provide services with our utmost genuineness and professionalism. Work with us and you will see.






We are a team of highly-experienced professionals specializing in brand design and visual
creativity. Our forward-thinking team members are located in Vancouver and Taipei. Our clients
cover a wide range of industries. Through meticulous design and rigorous thinking, we help
each client with their overall planning and even the transformation of their brand. We attach
great importance to enhancing the client’s vision and helping to drive their professional growth.

We are highly experienced designers with forward thinking, specializing in brand design and visual creativity. Our clients cover a wide range of industries. We help our clients through the overall planning or the transformation of brands, assisting clients to grow.

    • We believe good design is something that brings satisfaction to the ego and positive feelings to
      the public—all while meeting the company’s industrial features. This means we have a high
      standard for the visual strength of our designs. Our work focuses not only on appearance, but
      it also attempts to convey concrete information and emotional appeal—all of which stem from
      the core brand personality that we have developed in close collaboration with our clients.

      We believe good design that gives satisfaction to your own ego, and brings positive feeling to the public, while meeting the industrial features of the company. Our work is not merely decorating the appearance, but attempts to convey clear rational information and emotional appeal through the design.

    • We execute all our clients’ visual needs, from logo and brand identity, to web design and promotional
      materials. These include company brochures, packaging, publications, spatial visual systems,
      exhibitions, and art direction. No matter the project, we consistently maintain a professional attitude
      and work hard to help clients develop a top-quality brand image. Throughout, we will advise you
      honestly on how best to differentiate from your competitors in order to reinforce your brand position.

      We execute any visual related needs for our clients, including visual identity, website, brochure, packaging, spatial visual system, and art direction. We will always hold the professional attitude, and assist our clients to develop high quality of brand image.

    • STEP 1 / Share your design requirements and confirm the scope. We will then provide a quote.
      STEP 2 / Confirm and pay the deposit, and we will officially start the project implementation.
      STEP 3 / We will complete an analysis of the brand, mastering all aspects of the design process.
      STEP 4 / Our team will then offer seamless results, with adjustments made if needed.
      STEP 5 / The client makes the final payment, and we will provide a free visual consultation.

      S1 / Inform the requirements, provide the quote.
      S2 / Pay deposit, start implementation of the project.
      S3 / Master all aspects of the design process.
      S4 / Complete the best results under the discussion.
      S5 / Pay the final payment, provide free consultation.

    • We are always on the lookout for talented folks to join dea creative team and collaborate on
      projects. Whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time employment, freelance opportunities,
      or even a design or marketing internship, we will gladly consider applicants who are fluent in
      both Mandarin and English. Please email your portfolio in PDF format to
      ( keeping PDF attachments under 10MB ). We look forward to hearing from you !

      We’re always on the look out for talented folk to join the team. So whether you look for full-time employment, freelance opportunities or even just a design or marketing internship. If you could speak with fluent in Mandarin and English. Please email your portfolio to us.